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Serving as the foundation for the next few years of math, pre-algebra is one of the most important subjects to master. Concepts such as graphing, solving equations, and inequalities are introduced. A deep understanding of pre-algebra can go a long way in helping understand the rest of a student’s math career.

The most common areas of concern for must students in pre-algebra are:

  • Solving 1-Step and 2-Step Equations

  • Graphing Equations

  • Solving Word Problems

  • Understanding Variables

Our tutors are trained to help identify which key fundamental concepts a student may be struggling with and review these concepts in unique ways. The goal is to establish a strong math foundation for years to come.


Algebra I & II

Algebra I & II include the most used math concepts in everyday life. Expanding on the material learned in pre-algebra, Algebra I & II dive into the practical uses of math in common applications. Without a good understanding of these concepts, a student can be severely hindered for the rest of his or her career.

The most common areas of concern for must students in algebra I & II are:

  • Linear Equations

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Quadratic Formula

  • Factoring

  • Exponent Rules

Our tutors work extensively with students on establishing the optimal process for each of these problems. If a student is able to understand the similarity in each process, they can simplify any problem in algebra and be successful.



Trigonometry is a widely used concept in the fields of physics and engineering. Understanding the relationship between angles and shapes can be a useful tool when trying to explain the world around us. This is why students are required to learn trigonometry, and most schools emphasize it in their curriculum.

The most common areas of concern for must students in trigonometry are:


  • Law of Sines and Cosines

  • Trigonometric Identities

  • Inverse Trig Functions

  • Unit Circle

Our tutors are able to drill down the memorization techniques needed to memorize many of the trigonometric identities and unit circle properties that require intensive training. This leads to confidence in the core material and an increase in their ability to solve more complex trigonometric functions.

On Time. On Track. On Point

On Point Tutoring offers the rates, results and reliability you deserve.

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Professional and punctual tutors.

Guaranteed grade improvement.

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