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Pre-Calculus is one of the most disliked subjects offered in the math curriculum. Students typically struggle with abstract concepts such as polar coordinates, conic sections and trigonometry. However, Pre-Calculus serves as a useful link between algebraic concepts and geometric proportions.

The most common areas of concern for must students in precalculus are:

  • Trigonometry


  • Trigonometric Identities

  • Exponential Functions

  • Polar Coordinates

  • Complex Numbers

AP Calculus AB & BC

AP Calculus is one of the most important courses to take for students entering the STEM fields. All of these fields involve heavy use of Calculus and the topics that are covered on these AP exams. By conquering the AP Calculus exams, students get a jump start on their college education and can dive sooner into their respective careers.

Calculus I, II, & III

Calculus typically comes as a relief after struggling through Pre-Calculus. Where the concepts in Pre-Calc can be difficult to understand and conceptualize, Calculus is very applicable in many fields which make it easier to comprehend. Calculus focuses on explaining derivatives and integrals and their interrelationships.

The most common areas of concern for must students in trigonometry are:

  • Limits

  • Derivatives

  • Related Rates

  • Volumes

  • Infinite Series

  • Integration by Parts

  • Partial Derivatives

  • Multiple Integrals

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