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Physics is one of the hardest sciences to understand. It involves understanding the laws and theories that explain the world around us. Unlike many of its scientific companions, physics requires a deep understanding and very little memorization. This is what makes it a very hard subject for students. At OPT we pride ourselves in showing students how relevant, interesting, and important physics can be.

The most common areas of concern for must students in trigonometry are:

  • One Dimensional and Two Dimensional Motion

  • Projectile Motion

  • Vectors

  • Force and Newton’s Laws

  • Gravity

  • Work and Energy

  • Momentum

  • Simple Harmonic Motion

  • Waves

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Coulomb’s Law

  • Circuits

  • Thermodynamics

AP Physics 1, 2, & C

AP Physics builds on a lot of the material that is covered in regular physics, however regular physics is not necessarily a requirement. The difficulty in AP Physics B arises from the bulk amount of material that is covered on the AP test. Although challenging, AP Physics C covers less material however involves Calculus in its equations and solutions. Both subjects can be conquered with a little extra help.

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